Freedom to Explore
Art in the preschool environment strives to maintain the great joy the child finds in creating something of his or her own. Children are given the freedom to explore their imagination through a variety of mediums used for expressions. The importance of the process is stressed at this time, not the end product.

The large variety of media available to the children are chosen to stimulate their creative expression, while at the same time, enable the children to augment their artistic skills, allowing these young artists to develop in a well-rounded way, taking their art to a higher level.

Music / Creative Movement
Our primary consideration is the joy of music and music making. Preschool children begin with action songs and games carefully chosen to form the foundation for music and dance skills. We also teach music using the ‘Fun With Composers’ music program.

Fun with Composers Music Program

Fun with Composers’s unique, interactive approach brings classical music to life! Let the power of storytelling draw children into the intriguing world of classical music! Fun with Composers brings classical music from what can seem to children like a complicated, mysterious form to one that is completely child-centered and fascinating! Visit their website for more information on programs and products.