Parent Involvement is Considered Crucial

In the Montessori educational program, parent involvement in the learning process is considered crucial. According to Maria Montessori, children learn from their environment. Adults promote the learning process by serving as the dynamic link between the environment and the child. That is, learning is not seen as the mere passing of information from the teacher to the student. Rather, it is the process through which the child gains insight about life from daily experiences, whether at school or elsewhere. Thus teaching is a joint responsibility of the school and the family.

Continuity Between the School and the Home

In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, our program strives to maintain continuity between the school and the home. To attain this continuity, a varied series of parent activities was developed and is implemented throughout the school year. They include classroom observations, parent-teacher conferences, parent education nights, and open house for students and their families.

Throughout the year the Directresses may request assistance with a special activity (cultural celebration, fieldtrip, etc.). It is a special time for the child when parent(s) are included in their school’s functions.

Parents Bring Snacks on a Rotating Schedule

Snack is brought to school by parents on a rotating schedule. Please watch the monthly calendar for your turn and feel free to ask the Directresses if you have any questions. We ask that snacks are kept healthy (fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, pretzels, mini muffins/sandwiches, etc.). The occasional treat is welcome, keeping in mind that it should be easy for the children to eat and not require the use of plates or utensils.

A Parent Run School

As a parent run school, Children’s House requires each family to volunteer for a job to be performed throughout the year at request. Job choices will be sent out in August with other school information. Choose a task that fits into your family’s schedule. Jobs range from extensive interaction with the school and Directresses (ie. board members) to infrequent duties that require little time or thought.

Parent Meetings

At least one parent from each family must attend the three general meetings held at the school in September, January and May. School business and curriculum will be discussed at each meeting and a guest speaker may be arranged once a year.

Parent Involvement is Greatly Appreciated

Parent involvement helps Children’s House Montessori to keep its rates at an affordable level. We understand that parents have a busy schedule and greatly appreciate the time that is donated to the running and improvement of their child’s school.