Birthdays will be celebrated at school upon request. Please notify the Directresses of your child’s upcoming birthday and feel free to bring a special snack for that day. As cake can be very messy, we ask that the snack be practical for the school environment (cookies, muffins, mini cupcakes…). Pictures of your child as they have grown are a welcome addition to the celebration.

Other celebrations include holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter. Feel free to bring your family’s cultural holidays into the classroom to share with us.

The Christmas social includes entertainment by the children, a ‘special’ guest, a multicultural pot-luck dinner and our yearly Christmas raffle. All family members are welcome.

School Picnic Barbeque & Graduation
We end the year with our school picnic and barbeque followed by graduation for all the children. The day includes a multicultural potluck and lots of games and special events for children and adults. The picnic is organized by parent volunteers.